Good Practices and Recommendations on the use of Big Data

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12 MAGGIO 2018

This document is the result of a joint project coordinated by Sandro Bologna and implemented with contributes of (in alphabetical order) Glauco Bertocchi, Sandro Bologna, Luigi Carrozzi, Fabio Castiglioni, Luisa Franchina, Priscilla Inzerilli and Alberto Traballesi.

The intellectual property of the content of this document belongs to the respective contributors according to the contributors’ index. The copyright of this publication belongs to the Italian Association of Critical Infrastructures Experts (AIIC) hereby acting as Editor.

Acknowledgment: The authors would like to thank the Italian Association of Critical Infrastructures’ Experts (AIIC) for its support and stimulus. Disclaimer: The views and conclusions contained in this document are those of the authors and should not be interpreted as representing the official policies, either expressed or implied, of their respective employers. The present version of the Recommendations represents the state of the work at the date of the publication.